This website was set up to help teachers understand SPL and how to apply for it. Unfortunately the government policies and paperwork are not the most straightforward and take a bit of getting your head around! For some, therefore, the option of some extra support is welcomed. Since we began offering this additional support in February 2021 we have helped over 500families apply for shared parental leave. On average our clients benefit from 5 extra weeks of full pay - usually over £2500 more (net!) than they would have otherwise been paid.


We are proud of our 100% success rate for those eligible and promise that should, for any reason, we not be able to help you we will always refund you. Have a look at the support options available below:

Option A - £50

Your school's specific maternity and shared parental leave policies will be read through before a bespoke plan is drafted for your dates and circumstances

You will receive a spreadsheet detailing week by week what category of pay you will receive and showing clearly how your blocks of SPL work. 

You'll then be able to review the spreadsheet, agreeing any amendments if necessary, before the SPL forms (standard gov forms or specific to your school if required) are drafted for you. 

Advice on how to submit the forms is provided and we will provide support at any point if there is difficulty with your employer. 

Option B - £75

Includes all of option A, but in addition a 30 minute zoom call during the planning stage to talk through the draft plan and answer any questions. 

If you initially purchase option A but then decide you do want to talk it through an upgrade can be applied later on and the difference paid. 

Option C - Support with employer - £35

If you have applied for SPL yourself but are now facing difficulties with your employer this is the package for you, we have experience in supporting parents tackle a wide range of misunderstandings their employers have about SPL and will be happy to draft letters for you and help get everything sorted. As with all of our packages, if we can't help we will always refund you. This option does not include a zoom meeting, but this can be added subsequently if required. 

To purchase simply click on 'shop'.

All purchases will be responded to within 2 working days. Option A packages will be supplied within 5 working days from receipt of SPL policy and dates. Option B meetings will be held at a time convenient to both parties within 10 working days of purchase (in school holidays this may be slightly longer if away) . 

We are always happy to receive questions, so don't feel that you can't still contact via the form below for quick questions - specific advice about dates and how to plan your leave will now only be given through the channels above though. Please use the form below or contact us directly at

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