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Feedback from those who have used the additional support options:

"Pregnant with my 3rd baby, I found myself in the same position as Kinza did. Being a teacher and having to sacrifice my holidays as part of my maternity leave. I had never heard of Shared Parental Leave before so with my last two maternity leaves, just accepted the loss of holiday pay. I researched the internet and came across many documents explaining SPL, however, found myself no better off understanding what it is, how it works, and how it would impact me financially. This is when I came across Kinza’s page, who explained it, in a more user friendly way. Explained it so it made sense. With some questions still unanswered, I emailed Kinza and she kindly and quickly responded to all of my queries and gave me tips along the way with the paperwork side of things. The one thing that I was still unsure of was “how this would look” in terms of when my blocks of SPL would start and how I could get the most out of gaining full pay using my half term breaks. Kinza made this very clear and provided me with a clear breakdown of dates, maximising the use of SPL along with my enhanced maternity pay and taking full advantage of “holidays”. This resulting in a gain of 9 extra weeks full pay. 


I cannot thank Kinza enough for the incredible service and the clarity she has provided. I highly recommend the service she provides."  (Feb 2021)


"Thank you so much for all your help, you've just made the process so much easier and less confusing. I did not realise your point about being able to 'return to work' during the week, that's a massive bonus! " (Feb 2021)


Thought you might like to hear a success story. My school initially refused our application for SPL. We used the model letter from your website. The school consulted its solicitors and has now granted exactly what we asked for. Many thanks for your help. (I'm telling all my friends about you!) (May 2021)


I am so grateful for all of the support I received as initially my school were very difficult with me regarding my SPL application and I had only just had our baby. They told me my application was incorrect and were writing to me in quite harsh terms which was stressful. Having contacted Kinza again she was so amazing and spent time writing a letter to the school explaining that they were wrong. It took my HR dept several days to check the legislation again and I did then receive an apology from them and the application went through perfectly. Without Kinza’s amazing thorough knowledge of SPL applications and guidance I would have given up when HR made life difficult for me. I would not hesitate to come back to Kinza should I have another baby and need SPL help. Kinza was incredible doing the forms and then during our video chat answered all questions that I had. I have already recommended her to 2 other ladies that are having babies in the near future. (June 2021)