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Navigating SPL

The government statutory legislation on Shared Parental Leave (2015) creates brilliant flexibility for parents in their babies first year. However, the guidance takes a bit of getting your head around, particularly in it's soewhat unique application to teachers. At Teacher's SPL we have advised hundreds of families, helping them take SPL in the way that suits them, we know the legislation, the paperwork and the payroll implications inside out. We spend a lot of our time helping our clients respond to well meaning, but incorrectly informed/ as yet untrained in SPL headteachers/ business managers/ HR personnel. 

The number of teachers taking SPL is growing, 4% of pregnant teachers used out support in 2021 and that figure is growing rapidly in 2022. We would love to help employers too - as ever the information in the how it works/ how to apply section is freely available and always will be. In addition to that though we are launching two new support options for employers. These can be booked by getting in touch with us directly via 

Application Support:

A one hour zoom call in which we will go through a specific application with you, answering any and all questions about the SPL process. 

SPL Training:

A 2 hour training session on Shared Parental Leave. Covering the legislation and how it applies to teachers, what employers should know and payroll implications. Includes an employer guidance pack to take away and an opportunity to work through some examples together. 

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